Driven by artificial intelligence and backed by our time-tested institution support model, we provide you with a rich diversity to your student cohort that allows your students to expand and improve their experiences and perceptions and becoming globally attuned.

Case Studies

With a focus on nationally ranked, not for profit universities, EduCo’s partnerships have been very successful with average student retention rates above 95% and recent year over year growth in applications, including 67% growth from Southeast Asia markets, 26% growth from China markets, and 100% growth from India markets for leading destinations.


Built on 11 years’ data covering over 100,000 international student applications from 100 source markets, EduCo Accelerate’s proprietary cloud based intelligent digital platform uses actionable analytics and predicative algorithms for the recruitment and enrollment of right-fit international students.

Simplify, scale up and diversify your international student mix with the only recruitment platform that leverages over a decade of data collection.

Want to generate offer letters faster? Follow these three tips!

Ensuring that the highest standards are maintained is critical to the long term success of our university partners.

International students’ interest in Canadian Institutions is on the rise.

Simplify, scale up and diversify your international student mix with the only recruitment platform that leverages over a decade of data collection.


What our partner universities are saying.

EduCo and its network of agents “provide in-country ‘boots on the ground.’ They can run in-person events and target through social media, localize conversion messaging and understand the market demands of the country they’re in. With EduCo, we’ve been about to triple our touches.”

1 – It was clear from my first meeting that EduCo would  help CBU gain access to regions where we had very little to no market presence. Through Accelerate’s extensive network, CBU has been able to reach new agents and students in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, markets that are part of our strategic plan.

2 – The meetings with agents that my Institution Manager sets up for me − it has been very easy on my end. I tell him where and when I want to have the meeting, he sets it up, and then I come in and present. So far, I have had very good feedback from the agents with whom I’ve interacted. The relationship with my Institution Manager is the part I value the most. Through our monthly meetings and regular correspondences, I have a good sense of where we are having good growth and where we need make a greater effort.

We’ve been impressed with EduCo’s speed in creating content for SCUCI on their p platform and their ability to quickly attract a large number applicants. Not only that, but we appreciate the way they follow up with admitted students to increase the rate of commitment… We look forward to growing together with EduCo.

1 – We’ve been pleased with all of the aspects of our partnership (with EduCo). We are seeing more applicants from various parts of the world, driving up our numbers and diversifying our applicant pool. And working with (EduCo’s Accelerate platform) every week moves applications forward and addresses any issues or concerns that may arise quickly and efficiently.

2 – Accelerate is unique to work with because of the constant insights showing us who has visited our profile, what countries they are from, the majors students are most interested in… this data is incredibly helpful. It informs our evaluations of our current program and guides our planning for future enhancements, allowing us to build stronger and more effective strategies.

You’ve got to figure out what’s important to that country and where they’re going to spend their money and then you look at your own academic product portfolio and see where there’s alignment. Once you know that, you can make a compelling argument that you might be the place to educate some of their youth for these areas.


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